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Sport and Pleasure Horses
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At Gut Anstelburg the horse, its health and well-being are priority. We feel obliged to follow the principles of classical equitation and the ethical treatment of horses. Therefore we set the bar high for the training of our clients in the classical way, always treating the horse with the care and respect it deserves as our equine partner.

Training of Rider & Horse

A solid training is essential for each rider and horse, which will strengthen the harmony between the two. It does not matter if you are a pleasure rider or an ambitious competition rider. We provide private, individual lessons and work to solve problems and reach the goals of each rider with his horse. To achieve one’s goals it is important that the training is tailored to each rider.

Professional training of young horses

Correction of horses with training problems

Full or partial training livery

Presentation of horses at competitions

Training of FN working students (focus: riding)

Seminars and clinics in Germany and abroad (English, German, Spanish spoken)

Further Services

Kinetics Training – Eckart Meyners

Individual lessons in kinetics training with personal training plan.

Since 1976 Meyners has been devoted to the didactics of riding and especially of kinetics in riding. Although the principles of classical riding are considered to be kinetics for the horse, they do not contain any kinetics for the riders. So Eckart Meyners saw the potential in this deficit to make the versatility of human kinetics understandable for riders, trainers and judges.

Learn more about Kinetics training here.

Mental Coaching – Martin Nienhaus

Individual lessons and personal training plan.

Those who are mentally and emotionally in balance have their entire potential at hand. This flexibility allows us to apply our skills optimally to our own goals and personal life.
– Martin Nienhaus

Learn More about Martin Nienhaus here.

Neuro-athletics Training – Marc Noelke

Individual lessons and personal training plan.

Custom made and as individual as your nervous system. Diet, strain, regeneration. From top sport athletes to desk crusaders. Personal training, workshops, and seminars.

Learn More about Marc Noelke here.

> Kinetics Training – Eckart Meyners

Gut Anstelburg

An equestrian training centre (with an emphasis on dressage) as well as a livery yard that meets the highest standards

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