Gut Anstelburg in Kerpen near Cologne

Gut Anstelburg

Horse lovers from across the globe meet at Gut Anstelburg, a state-of-the art equestrian centre set in a wonderful natural surrounding on the historic grounds of a medieval fortification in Kerpen-Buir between Cologne and Aachen, Germany.

The estate is located in the heart of this historic area and boasts an equestrian training centre, with a special focus on dressage, as well as a livery yard that meets the highest standards.

Gut Anstelburg is an extraordinary place and a haven of rest and relaxation thanks to a therapy centre with high quality equipment (aqua-trainer) and competent, motivated staff. The combination of dressage training in optimal conditions and aqua-training makes our yard unique.

Gut Anstelburg Blick auf das Gut in Kerpen
Training mit einem Dressurpferd. Profi Eckart Meyners unterrichtet die Besitzer
Ornament aus dem Logo Gut Anstelburg

Dressage Training for Rider & Horse

in Kerpen

Livery for
Your Horse

Dressurpferd beim einem Turnier Reiterin Katrin Meyers

Therapy Rehabilitation Training
For Horses in Kerpen

To achieve the best recovery for your horse, we offer various services in our equine therapy centre with individualized rehabilitation plans.

Our services are available to our livery clients as well as to day clients and they are carried out according to strict guidelines adapted to the latest medical findings, either under supervision of veterinary clinics, or with specialised vets.

“Incredibly Beautiful Livery Yard with a rehabilitation facility for injured horses.”
– Alexandra J.
“A fun stable, spacious and with many possibilities. Horses in therapy are well taken care of”
– anonymous
“Great people who are there for the horses. They are very well cared for”
– Frank P.


Don’t hesitate contact us. We are happy to answer all your questions and help you with any of your concerns.

Gut Anstelburg

St. Michael-Str. 6-8, D-50170 Kerpen-Buir


+49 (0) 2275 – 20 10 20 – 0

Wappen von Gut Anstelburg - schwarzes Pferd

Gut Anstelburg

An equestrian training centre (with an emphasis on dressage) as well as a livery yard that meets the highest standards

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St. Michael-Str. 6-8,
D-50170 Kerpen-Buir


+49 (0) 2275 - 20 10 20 - 0

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